A'Ali Pottery Bahrain

When you become an expat, venturing out on your own can be scary. Call me a brave soul or adventurous or down right crazy. Whatever your thoughts, one can’t assimilate into a new society without bravery. So today, I ventured out on my own…without the GPS again. 
A few people told me there was a pottery place in A’Ali, just past the pottery roundabout. (Seems logical) A’ali pottery, is located deep in the heart of Bahrain. I headed out not knowing what to expect. Luckily, arrived without issue. (I’m really getting good at navigating this island.)
I pulled off the road next to a random tent selling fruit. To the left was the A’Ali Mosque and just up the dirt like road was the pottery place.
 I walked up the path, around the corner and discovered this entrance. 
 As I walked in, I was greeted by hundreds of pieces of pottery that were made on site. 
While inside, the man asked me if I would like to witness the pottery being made. 
I was fascinated when watching the potters at work in A’ali Pottery Workshop. They still use traditional methods that have been handed down generation after generation, firing their pieces using ancient kilns. 
[wpvideo 72cXGoxe] 
Here is what he made. They are banks for your loose change that you can’t break into. It’s tradition that once it is full, you break it. 
Here is mine that I will fill with loose Dinar. When I finally move, I will break it. ????

Of course before leaving, I purchased a few surprises/gifts for friends and family.  
Before leaving, the man showed me to the 4,000 year burial mounds that date back to the Dilmun Civilization.  I’d say my adventure out alone was a success. I wonder what other secrets the Middle East island of Bahrain holds? I am sure I will find out.