Be Brave, Be Bold! Find your #LifeMeant

“You are so brave!” The most common statement said to me after sharing that I am moving abroad to teach in Bahrain. This comment has pilfered through my mind since I made the decision to move abroad, one rainy November afternoon back in 2013.
While packing my life away today, I happened upon a poem I wrote in 1996, during a college poetry class.

After reading the poem, it seemed apropos as I embark for the greatest adventure of my lifetime. Finding one’s  #Lifemeant is no easy feat. It’s intimidating and invigorating.  There are those who revel in the security and comforts of home, being in the same place their entire lives. Then there is me. The wanderlust gypsy of change. I am clearly suffering from resfeber. Ha!!

“I could never do what you are doing!” Yet another phrase expressed when I share my dream. I never know what to say back. I think…I’m just following my dreams. I don’t want to look back in 20 years and say I should have done this. Besides, its on my list of 100 goals in 100 weeks. (2-1/2 years) The urge travel and experience new things runs like fire through my veins. The Germans call it “fernwah” or better known as wanderlust.

The other day I read a fantastic post on Diana Reid writes about “How To Put Meaning Back Into Your Life”
One of the ideas that she shares is “Do Something You Have Always Wanted to Do.” Well, I have always wanted to live in a foreign country. It so happens that also involves following my passion – teaching.  Another suggestion by Reid.
So it seems, I am on the right path. Are you? Are you happy or bored? Do you have meaning in your life that is just your own dream or goal? Are you afraid of change or do you embrace it?

“The road of life lies in our hands.” Amy O’Meara

So here is my challenge. Don’t wait. Try something different that you have always wanted to do. Start working on your own #LifeMeant. It can be big or small. Set the goal and go for it! What do you have to lose? Life is short. Have no regrets!
I would love for you to share by commenting on this post. Also, please include the following hashtag: #LifeMeant If you are following your #LifeMeant, then please share that too!
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“Be brave! Be bold!” Find your own #Lifemeant

I look forward to your comments!! Good luck!!