Capital One Supports Finding My Life Meant

“What’s in your wallet?”
When deciding how to fund my #LifeMeant, I was careful in choosing which credit cards to use. It’s important to make sure there are no hidden fees, or foreign transaction fees.
Several months back, one of my cards was switched over to a Capital One card. I thought nothing of it. It had a zero balance and I never used it. A few days ago, I looked into what Capital One had to offer for my world adventure. To my surprise, they totally blew me away.
It started with a call to Captial One to inquire about the rewards attached to the card. Customer service representative, Kathleen – XCV805, answered with great enthusiasm. How refreshing!
I began explaining to Kathleen about my needs. Then shared my dream of finding my #LifeMeant my plan to travel the world while pursuing my dream to teach abroad.
While she explained how Captial One could help, we discussed my world travel plans. Kathleen was very excited about my journey and told me how to switch my card over to the flight based reward card and informed me that I would not need rental car insurance because they had me covered. I was thrilled. Also, she said couldn’t wait to read my blog adventures to come.
But, that’s not what really blew me away. A few days later, I opened the mailbox and found a package from Amazon. I didn’t remember ordering anything. When I zipped open the package, I found this note from Kathleen at Captial One. Also included was an RFID wallet that would protect identity theft while holding my passport, ID, credit cards, etc. and two luggage tags.  
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Kathleen, a complete stranger, and Captital One went above and beyond to encourage my dream to travel the world and teach abroad while keeping my passport, ID, and chip enabled cards protected.
So, what’s in my wallet? Capital One for sure!! Thanks Kathleen at Capital One, wherever you are. I love my gift and I will be sure to use it as I start my journey to find my #LifeMeant!