Finding My Life Meant…

Finding my life meant started just over six months ago. When I set out to accomplish this goal, I had no idea it would be so hard. It’s a lone journey,
At first, I withdrew from the world – only to find my place in it again. I have made new friendships and reconnected with old. I guess the hardest part has been letting go of my old dreams, my old life, and building a new one. It begged asking the most important question. “What is my life meant? ” This led me to other questions? “What am I passionate about? What do I see my self doing in the future? What make me truly happy? How do I get there? Where do start?”
To start on the journey of finding my life meant, I knew the first thing one must do is purge the old life. I started by selling my first home. A home, I took great pride in. A home I loved. It has taken over four months for that to happen. IT SOLD!!!! On June 30th, I will be free of the anchor tying me down, holding me back from seeking out my life meant.
As I purge all the parts of my past life, it’s hard to let it all go. But every time I pack a box, I remember that my difficult choice is freeing me to go after my dreams while leaving me debt free. Of course, that doesn’t count the excessive amount of my student loans. A debt in which nothing short of a miracle could pay off. Certainly a highly educated school teacher salary would never get me there!!! Hence why, I am selling off most of my things – except what fits in a two bedroom apartment.
Once I make the final transition, I will begin to focus on my dreams for my life meant. In answering the above questions, I discovered what I am truly passionate about. That is a blog in itself. But for brevity, here it is in a nutshell.
I am passionate about teaching. I wish I could say that is in the public school system, but unfortunately it is not. While I highly value what I do with children currently, the bureaucratic red-tape of the public school system is too much to deal with. It ties my hands in such a way, that I can’t do what’s in the best interest of children. The public school system has become testing not teaching. What I truly want to do is educate children. I want to inspire the love of words, the joy of writing and the pursuit of knowledge. I have been told I am an inspiration while teaching. I want to bring that passion back and feel it every day. Which leads me to my next dream.
I have the dream to teach internationally. My number one goal is to instruct at the American school in London. The hiring period begins January 2015. Please click the name of the school to find out more. I chose the American School in London because they truly value the relationship between teacher and student. They promote thinking critically, thinking globally, thinking creatively, and they have a high-value on the use of technology while actually providing that technology to use. They truly believe that the core of a good education is actually in the teaching. The best part of choosing the school also accomplishes my goal of living abroad, specifically in London. Once I am settled in my new apartment, everything I do will be to work toward this goal.
My other passion is writing. I want to further that knowledge, I would love to study English at Oxford or Cambridge and some how specialize in writing for children. I will always be a lifelong learner and to study at these prestigious places would be a dream come true – if only I could afford it.
And last but not least, I want to publish my children’s stories. Over the years I have modeled writing on a daily basis for children. During this time I have written hundreds of stories where children can’t wait to arrive in writing class to find out what happens next. The children have encouraged me time and again to publish. They say someday you’re going to be a famous children’s book author winning the Caldecott and we will be so proud to say you taught us how to write. I think that’s the highest compliment a child could ever give a teacher.
So it’s been six long months but, I finally figured out what my life meant is. Now I just have to achieve my goals. The funny thing is, my mom just sent me a link to a project that Oprah is working on. It’s called, “The Life You Want.”
I started finding my “life meant” six months ago, inspired by Ian Usher’s Ted Talk and now this opportunity arises. It’s a sign that I am headed in the right direction. I just have to attend. This event was like it was written for me. I think my story could be an inspiration to others. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to pay to attend this amazing opportunity. (It’s not cheap) Perhaps I’ll start a fundraiser.