Immigration – USA not welcome easily.

Eight recruiters and seven job offers sounds amazing, right? Well not so. As the inbox continues to fill with rejection, after rejection, for a working visa, my discouragement increases. The way Americans feel about illegals crossing our boarders is how the UK feels about Americans over 30 getting a working visa. (AKA Green Card)
I have been absent from blogging after spending the last two weeks scavenging through the immigration website, speaking with recruiters, contacting immigration lawyers, and the scoring the internet for a just a glimmer of hope. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.
The immigration laws for the UK changed in 2013 – making it even more difficult to get a working visa. There are options, but none of which I qualify for. The Youth Mobility visa is for ages 18-30 a too old. ( Who knew 37 was old?) A country begging for teachers has no visa route to get in as a highly qualified teacher. I have turned down six prominent job offers already because I don’t have a visa.
There are however three extremely difficult options.
Let me try to explain three weeks of intense research, in simple terms. Certainly wasn’t simple figuring it out. I can’t say that pouring through the pages of an immigration website is my idea of a fun Saturday night.
Basically, I am caught in a Catch-22. You see, to obtain a visa you must have an offer for a job. Great you think. So I have an offer for a job but to take the job, I must have a visa. Stupid, right?
The gist…Once you have an offer for a job the job has to sponsor you. Sponsoring costs money. Two years ago the UK Department of Education funding for sponsoring teacher. Last year, the immigration department changed the laws making it near impossible for businesses (and therefore me) to get working visas. Long story short, the UK can no longer except US teachers very easily. It’s not impossible but extremely difficult.
Another option is work for either an international school or an American School abroad. This is an option that am working on diligently, but it is not easy. Lots of pieces to submit. It takes time. Possibly a year. Then the dream will be postponed. Which is ok. However, I really want to do this now. Thinking about something this big for a year would be torture.
The last option made me laugh. I was told my only way to a visa was a British or Scottish husband. Oh yeah, right! I’ll march right down to Wal-Mart, since they sell everything, and buy one. I can’t believe that was seriously suggested to me. Ummmm isn’t that illegal. I want to avoid prison. So I’m thinking this is not a choice for me.
Well, I haven’t given up yet. I’m going to find that needle. Wish me luck!