Obtaining a Visa

nothing worth having
Endless hours of research, day after day. The conclusion I have come to… it’s a challenge obtaining a visa, especially to work.
After speaking with the British Embassy in Tampa, I was informed that I must have employment to obtain my visa through what is called sponsorship. Well in applying for jobs, many want you to already have a work visa. Well that is quite the Catch 22. What am I to do?
Seriously? That does not make any sense. Also, the UK does not offer positions to immigrants unless the position can not be filled after being advertised twice for UK residents, or you are uniquely qualified in specific areas. “Helllllloooo UK…. you have a huge teacher shortage.” You would think they would make it easier to fill the exorbitant amount of positions available. I am uniquely qualified for many of the positions. PICK ME! PICK ME!
So bottom line…WHY OH WHY IS THIS SO HARD? Andrew Carnigie said it best, “Nothing worth having comes easy.”  In the end, it will all be worth it!