Officially an Expat!! #LifeMeant

I have waited seven very long months for this adventure to begin and years to travel the world. FINALLY!!!!!! The day has arrived. I am officially an expatriate of the United States.
I will spend a fabulous week in England before heading off to my new life in Bahrain to teach at Riffa Views International School. 
While working there, I will use all my time off to travel the world. September will take me to Sri Lanka. At Winter break, I will be in Paris to celebrate Christmas. From there, I will take the Chunnel from Paris to London to celebrate the new year London style. The world is now my playground.
Today, August 8, 2015, I begin the new chapter of international living. I can’t wait to share the adventures!! 
Go find your #LifeMeant! It’s never too late!!!