I can’t believe it. Two months to go! By June 17th, everything that can not fit in my four oversized suitcases will be moved to storage. 

The thought of packing….AGAIN! 

Ugggggh! It was only 10 months ago that I sold my home and most everything that needlessly filled five bedrooms. I kept enough to furnish a two bedroom apartment. The mere thought of living amongst boxes and doing it all over is daunting. I really could care less about the “stuff” that fills each room. I need none of it. 

So, what do I bring in the suitcases?

While most people would be worried about moving to the Middle East, I’m worried about whether my huggable hangers will fit in my suitcase or not. It’s ridiculous, I know! But over the last few weeks, I have been staring at the walls and my “stuff” — trying to decide what is important. Keeping in mind things I can and cannot buy in Bahrain. 

Think about it for a moment. What is really important? What would you bring?

Endless questions filled my mind. Questions that you wouldn’t think are important, but are. There is no Walmart or Target, only souks and overpriced malls.

Plus the exchange rate of $1 is only worth .38 BD (Bahraini Diner) That won’t go far. While groceries and various other items are comparable, many other items are costly. That goes for shipping too. 

I have made many decisions already. I WILL find room for my huggable hangers, my bedding (very expensive there), my pillow (I seriously love my pillow), and of course my dresses. I love my dresses.