The time has come…

I only need grab hold of my dream.

It has been seven long months since my last post. The boxes were packed, house was sold, and I settled into my temporary life.
During that time, I was caught up, settling into a new school, and new apartment. As well as an entirely new way of instructing students in writing, which required countless hours of professional development, planning, coaching, and creating school-wide model lessons, I had to put my dream of teaching abroad on hold.
Around Thanksgiving, my first chance to breath since June, I realized I was losing sight of my goal. It was a year to the day, that I made the difficult decision to embark on the dream to teach internationally. I continued to go back and forth with my decision to leave it all behind.
Until a few weeks ago, I had not made a decision. I woke up one morning and realized that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t follow through.
So here I sit at Tampa International Airport, on my 38th birthday, waiting for a flight to Boston. I am attending the International School System (ISS) recruiting conference.
I will spend the next three days interviewing, competing against some of the brightest and talented educators in the world for my dream job at the American School in London. (That one I am keeping under-wraps for now, don’t want to jinx it.)
I am also interviewing with four additional UK international schools. The UK was my first and only choice of where to begin my career abroad. But after deep reflection and other recruitment offers, I have decided to keep an open mind as to where in the world I will be living and working next year. After all, the world is a big place. Why not be open to possibilities?
So, how am I spending my 38th birthday? I am going after my dream.

A dream to travel the world, educate internationally, and live abroad!

Happy Birthday to me!!