My Story

Life is all about the story we create with the choices we make in life. That’s right! Life is a choice. I believe when we empower our inner self we have the ability to create and live our Life Meant TM .

I am no stranger to challenging societal norms. I actually sold my entire life to follow my dream to live and teach abroad while seeking out living my Life Meant™. A phrase I coined in 2013 that encompasses the path of growth and self-development that has brought me true happiness, adventure, newfound success, and incredible new friendships.


It’s the life I envisioned
for myself.

I am an accomplished, well-regarded educator in the US and internationally. In addition, I have held workshops around the globe. I work with both children and adults not only in education but also in social-emotional growth in being your best self from a young age. Building your Emotional IQ is the key to success at any age!

Since finding my purpose, I have dedicated my life to coaching women and girls in understanding that we can let go of fear and self-doubt and custom design the life of our dreams – a Life Meant™ Of course, my passions don’t stop there! Before teaching, I spent time as a graphic designer and art director. Because I wanted to live my Life Meant™, I am now a world traveler who enjoys exploring and learning about the cultures of the world. I love sailing in my free time, as well as writing, and cooking gourmet meals for my amazing friends and family. I am always in pursuit of new adventures and opportunities to make the world a better place.

My life has been a journey of successes and challenges. If you would’ve asked me five years ago, “Who am I?” I would’ve said I am living like everybody else. The degree, the job, the house, etc., But now, I am so much more because I designed my Life Meant™.

I am on a mission to make a change in the world by impacting the lives of women and children everywhere. My goal is to empower them with the knowledge of living their best life..a Life Meant™!