Just like me, you have a story too!

What does your story sound like? I would love to hear it!
Are you commonly asking…Why? Why me? Why this…AGAIN?

Do you feel like you want to run away?
Do you want to just leave the dirty dishes in the sink and the piles of laundry behind?
Is your dating life, your relationship, your job, or something else in your life just pissing you off?

Which words do you find yourself mumbling under your breath?
Do these sound familiar?

I am sure like me you have your own!

Let me start by saying… I get you!

Girl, I’ve been there, did that, and got the t-shirt…too many t-shirts to count! I’ll never forget that rock bottom moment of my own life where I knew it had to change. On the outside, it looked like I had it all, but on the inside, I was screaming for change.

I didn’t get it. I did everything like I was told.

Go to school and get an education…CHECK
Get a good career…CHECK
Find a man to spend your life with…CHECK
Buy a house…CHECK

Sounds good right? Well the truth is at that rock bottom moment, the loans were crippling me, I was sabotaging my job, my relationship just went up in flames and I had no clue how I would afford the house now.


I felt so alone, drowning in my own my crap. I had just lost my friends, and yet another repetition of a BAD relationship. I was stressed out ALL the time. My anxiety was off the charts, and the panic attacks were crippling. I was riddled with self-doubt, fear, failure, and scared about the future.

So when I say I get it…I GET IT in more ways that I can write.

I get that you…

  • Feel like it’s one bad relationship after another. Or, you’re in one now and have no clue how to get out
  • Want a better life than you are living now
  • Want a better job with less stress
  • Want more money and less debt
  • Want to have better relationships
  • Want To meet the…ONE (Or, another the ONE. The right one!)
  • Want to just be happy
  • Want to stop feeling…(INSERT CRAPPY FEELING OF CHOICE)

I wanted the same things and more. However, it wasn’t until I started working with a coach that I was able to truly see that anything was possible. Coaching changed my life. It did what years of therapy never managed to do. Coaching empowered me to be the change.

Is what you are currently doing in your life not working?

Do you want…

  • To stop J.ust E.xperiencing R.epeated K.arma
  • To learn a new way of living
  • To be your best-self for whatever

Are you ready…

  • To make a change
  • To finally let go of the past once and for all
  • To see what your life could look like?

Whether you’re looking to let go of past hurts, figure out what’s next, custom designing your epic life, or just take things to the next level in being the best version of you, I want that for you too! I’ve got your back! Let’s unleash the possibilities of you.

What would life be like if you too had a coach to help you figure it all out?

Are you tired of the same old story like me?
Then, let’s write a new story together!

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to help rewrite your story
and find your happy place?

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