The best resource to have with you as you jumpstart your journey. Whether you are healing from a relationship, getting out of a relationship, or want a straightforward FUNNY guide to help uproot your life. This is YOUR gal. This is YOUR book. Amy seamlessly blends humor during some painful times that we go through as women in relationships, and powerful insights to change your outlook and mind. This is a MUST read for any female curious to know more.


Dr. Neeta Bhushan
Co-founder Global GRIT Institute, International Best Selling Author Emotional GRIT

This book is both: a fun read, and a thoughtful guide that makes you wanna stop and reflect about the times you should have known better. Reading “Letters to J.E.R.K.” is like tea time with girlfriends: you laugh, you’ll be called out on your b*shit, you’ll feel like you are having a conversation with someone who can read your soul and definitely knows your past. The combination of sarcasm and humour makes it a must read no matter what your relationship status is! Never too late/too early to learn!


Natasha Zolotareva
Media Connector at natashazo.com

“What an insightful book! I’ve always thought of myself as an organized person, but I never thought to look for patterns in my dating life and use that knowledge to reorganize my thoughts around how to create better relationships in the future. Exploring the different kinds of J.E.R.K.s made me realize that yes, I’ve dealt with those J.E.R.K.s in the past…and have been at least one of them myself, too. I’ve always known I’d rather not Just Experience Repeated Karma, but now that I’ve had the opportunity to delve into why and how that happens, it will be a whole lot easier to see that karma train coming and decide whether or not I want to hop aboard. Thank you, Amy, for writing a sassy and sagacious book that will help so many of us clarify our goals and live our Life Meant™!”


Lisa Howard
Writer, Editor, Public Speaker & Wellness Expert

I absolutely love the way Amy writes! She takes a complex subject such as relationships and presents it in a way that makes you feel like you are talking to your best friend since preschool. She takes her own experience of navigating the “J.E.R.K. waters” along with stories from many women around the world and packages the wisdom in a way that will make you laugh and cry at the same time because she really gets you. It is like taking Dr. Phil and putting him in a blender with Ellen DeGeneres. You won’t be able to put the book down!


Francesca Facio
Happiness Coach

After reading just one “Letter to a J.E.R.K.” I was hooked. It was as if Amy channeled the last six years of a relationship with a Narcissistic J.E.R.K. After reading the book,I was able to easily identify patterns of the past that I was still using today! I was quick to change my ways and set new beliefs with the help of her book. I really love the tips and checklists throughout the book. I found the one on texts to send when you need to end a relationship that no longer serves you so helpful. I tried it and it worked like a charm. It allowed me the closure I needed to move on towards living my “Life Meant™” and only allow in my life what I truly deserve. I not only enjoyed the wit and charm of her book but the upfront approach was clear and just what I needed. I also loved my personal coaching talks too! Amy truly is a J.E.R.K.ologist.



I had so much fun reading Letters to a J.E.R.K. It reminded me of so many people I crossed paths with throughout the relationships in my life. It also reconnected me with the emotions they made me feel. It was good to see it with such distance and made me realize the journey I did so far on self-love and self-respect. It also reminded me that we fall often into the trap of what we were used to when we forget to take care of our “self” agreement or as Amy calls it, “The Relationship Agreement with Yourself”. Great reading! Knowing Amy personally, I heard her voice while reading, it is authentic, sometimes raw and with a great sense of humour.


Christal Mesey
Life coach, NLP Master practitioner, Healer, Intuitive Artist Author of Drao Oracle Deck

“That’s exactly what that guy was doing! …and… Damn! That’s exactly how I reacted to that situation.“ The chapter of the Victim J.E.R.K. brought out old flashbacks of several man-related events in my life. Differently than usual, going through the lines, I was able to categorize my messy memories of past relationships. The chapter kicked in a deep reflection and I analyzed the experiences from a completely new perspective for hours. Through the J.E.R.K. Mirror section, I gained a broader understanding of the WHY of those events and how I was a co-creator of my own tricky love-puzzles. I felt a forgotten knot in my stomach starting to loosen. Reading only a few lines already triggered the start of my love-life healing journey.

It is admirable, how the author manages with caution to make it about the self-healing process. Let’s take care of ourselves first. It’s like she gives you back the torch of life and, with it, the power and confidence to stand taller than ever before. Not the usual self-help book, this is a self-empowering book for women; one that helps us to fall in love, although with ourselves and the healing first.


Verena Demetz
Life Coach

Where was this book 20 years ago?? This is the REAL advice that every woman needs before, during, or after they meet a J.E.R.K.! The self-growth lessons should be a part of all young girls lives. Amy really takes transformation of the self seriously, but her approach is unique. I never felt like I was reading a self-help book. This book made me think, and reflect while laughing my ass off.


Retired CFO of Gulf Midwest Packaging